issue 0 - Under Pressure
is about the heat of coexistence
and pressure as a changing force
Perceived pressures are rarely clear in origin, most commonly they appear within a modality of push/pull, manifesting as a spectrum of bodily interpretative states. Pressures actualized through environmental crisis, spheres of technological life, and new work requirements are not only affecting our ’natural’ habitats and enacting a culture of constant performance — but are shifting access and enabling the distortion of ideas and actions in milieus of commonality. In a climate characterized by the introduction of linear historiography and infinite resources, this mode of pressurized productivity seems to have reaching its ecological, human, and physical limits. The limits of conditional space in which life can emerge are shaped by the pressurization of differentiated perception.

distribution by:
Lucia Verlag
contributions issue 0:
Linear Myths
images: Christoph Orus
On rhabdomantic Bodies. How to become a divining rod.
text: Philipp Staab
images and sound: Rachael Archibald
fashion and models: Isabel Sicat and Aiala Valdovino
photography: Cenon Norial III
among vapours
poems: Taliesin herb
Exploding Assholes
images: Jeona Zoleta
text: Philipp Bräuner
images: finale.flwr
Stretching with Nik Kosmas
interview: Jasmine Wenzel
photography: Taissa Fromme, Nik Kosmas
Prototypical Visions
images: Chris Dake-Outhet
Measure of Man
text: Marie Kuhn
translation: Jasmine Wenzel
Narrative Resolutions - Jenny Vorfahrt Strategy Guide
by Jan Berger AKA Jenny Vorfahrt
Crushing Dust
photography and poem: Kani Marouf
architectural concept: Felix Künkel
photography: Mav Bernardo and Cenon Norial III
poem: Vanessa Engelmann
photography: Marco Ugoy
warm (n) everhood
text, images and sound: Sasha Manik
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