Toqa is the project of Isabel Sicat and Aiala Valdovino:
a sport resort brand whose primary purpose is to situate sustainable high fashion in a tropical locale. Toqa is defined as a fashion company, but its design and research component means that it functions as performance as well.
Each year the creative directors move to a different island, create one full collection, and stage a show.
The collection's textiles originate from rescued deadstock, meaning fabrics which are no longer in production, and will be manipulated to reflect the character of the island. For example, Manila's power mesh fabrics are dyed with Tang. Because there is a finite amount of raw material for each season, each collection will only be produced once, and when the deadstock runs out, no more will be made.
These pieces are disguised as clothing, but are really art objects: reflective of a particular exploration of a place, and a particular moment in time, never to be repeated again.